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Did you know that IoT connectivity is expected to generate 10% of the revenue of IoT services? It’s time you got your hands on a slice of that pie and begin reaping the benefits that IoT platforms offer.

A Piece of the IoT Connection PieLooking at Market&Markets’ research*, we see that IoT connectivity is estimated to reach $5 billion by 2022, with the overall IoT market size reaching over $660 billion by 2022. That’s a lot of pie to be eaten! And think of it like this: all those enterprise IoT devices will be connected over your networks. Shouldn’t you be in the market to capture the bulk of the revenue?

Service Providers, Rejoice! Research has shown that service providers are best suited for providing enterprise IoT services. They know how to manage, monitor and service equipment at their customer’s sites. This definitely makes for ready-made connectivity, already in place.  Most importantly, service providers have an existing relationship with their enterprise customers and a deep understanding of their needs. They are more equipped than any IoT provider to answer questions, such as: ‘Where to start with IoT and how to reap the best ROI?’


  1. They are already providing enterprise-class digital services beyond communications>/li>
  2. They know how to manage, monitor and service equipment at customer sites
  3. They provide the connectivity infrastructure needed for IoT
  4. They have business relationships with enterprise customers and a deep understanding of their needs

Previously the barriers to service providers building enterprise IoT applications were; long development time periods for each customer,
and significant amounts of engineering hours. These barriers made providing enterprise applications profitably difficult. However, this is no longer the case.

Where to Begin?Building a profitable IoT business can be complicated and tricky, at best, so we’ve put together a few guides to get you started in your quest for that IoT connectivity pie piece.

  1. Service provider’s guide to creating IoT services that are scalable and profitable.
  2. What is IoT Orchestration?
  3. Top 10 Questions to ask before selecting an IoT platform

* Market research estimates from Postscapes

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